May 1-3

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How to submit an abstract on behalf of another person

There are two categories of this idea: one case is a person who will use the web form to submit abstracts for other authors just as if the author had submitted the form. The second case involves a person who will not only submit abstracts for other authors, but will also continue to act as the primary point of contact for the Sherwood committee regarding these abstracts.

The key difference between the two is what email address is set up to be used for communication about the status of the submitted abstract, allowed to log into the website to make edits and add files, etc.

First case: primary author receives email

So, in the first case the process for submitting is unchanged. You may simply fill in the entire form, including the author's name and email address, and submit the abstract. It will work regardless of whether you first log in using your own email address or not - the email address entered into the form will be the one used for all communications related to this abstract.

Second case: point of contact differs from author

To submit another author's abstract, but use your own email address as the point of contact, you must first log in to the website with your email address and password. Then, complete the abstract submission form, entering the correct name for the author, but leave the email address as your own.

The resulting mismatch between the entered author's name, and your name already associated with your email address, triggers the abstract submission system to assign authorship to the name from the form, yet use your email address as the responsible party associated with this abstract.