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approvedabstract_sherwood_2016.pdf2016-02-15 11:35:03Luca Guazzotto


Author: Luca Guazzotto
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-15 11:34:13

Co-authors: Riccardo Betti

Contact Info:
Auburn University
220 Allison Laboratory
Auburn, AL   36849

Abstract Text:
The so-called Lawson parameter is a standard figure of merit for magnetic- confinement experiments for controlled nuclear fusion. In particular, ignition and burning-plasma conditions are defined in terms of the Lawson criterion. The criterion is calculated via a zero-dimensional power balance, taking into account thermal losses through the confinement time τE, α-particle power and Bremsstrahlung losses, in addition to external heating power. As a steady-state expression, the original Lawson criterion does not take into account several plasma properties that greatly influence the time-dependent behavior of the plasma. Among others, ion and electron temperatures are not automatically identical during transients and α particles do not instantaneously deposit their heating power into the plasma. A time-dependent analysis of the ion, electron and α system provides more accurate information than the standard single-fluid analysis on parameters such as temperature stability (the well-known “T ̇ vs. T ” curve) and the amount of heating power needed to reach ignition. The results of a multi-fluid zero-dimensional model with respect to ignition are presented and critically discussed. The steady-state modifications of the Lawson criterion due to multi-fluid effects are also discussed.
[1] J. D. Lawson, Proc. Phys. Soc. London Sect. B 70, 6 (1957)
[2] J. P. Freidberg, Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy, Cambridge Univer- sity Press, Cambridge UK, 2007