April 4-6

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Author: Wrick Sengupta
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-15 10:38:11

Co-authors: A. B. Hassam ,T.M. Antonsen

Contact Info:
University of Maryland College Park
University of Maryland College
College Park, Maryland   20742

Abstract Text:
We develop a set of reduced sub-Alfvenic kinetic MHD equations which are suitable for studying flute like instabilities in MHD ordering, including trapped ion dynamics, in a toroidal geometry. The nonlinear equations show the presence of Mercier modes, electromagnetic effects, and zonal flows including the effective mass factor. Linear stability based on our equations shall be compared to the well known Kruskal-Oberman Kinetic MHD stability criteria. In the supersonic limit, for large q, our system can be shown to be equivalent to CGL double adiabatic theory. Comparison will also be made to the sub-Alfvenic reduced MHD fluid equations in a large aspect ratio tokamak. We shall show that the trapped particle effects in kinetic theory can be treated as a boundary layer of width the square root of the inverse aspect ratio in phase space.