April 4-6

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approveddewar_sherwood_presentation_2016.pdf2016-04-13 07:26:39John Van Hoorn


Author: Robert L. Dewar
Requested Type: Pre-Selected Invited
Submitted: 2016-03-09 03:58:29

Co-authors: L. H. Tuen, M. J. Hole

Contact Info:
The Australian National University
Bldg. 59 (Le Couteur), Mills R
Canberra, ACT   2601

Abstract Text:
Using Hamilton’s Principle of stationary action a new dynamical Multi-region Relaxed Magnetohydrodynamics (MRxMHD) has recently been formulated [1]. This extends the static version that forms the basis of the Stepped-Pressure Equilibrium Code, SPEC [2], by including inertial effects mediated by isothermal sound waves. As a first step in understanding the implications of this new formulation, the spectrum of stable and unstable eigenmodes of the equation of motion for linearized perturbations about a plasma equilibrium consisting of Taylor-relaxed slab regions, separated by one or more planar current sheets, is investigated. Results using the new MRxMHD formulation are compared with the standard ideal-MHD spectrum in a uniform magnetic field, and with kink and tearing mode studies in slab geometry, obtained using ideal and almost-ideal MHD [3] and the unphysical kinetic energy (delta function mass density) we have used previously in cylindrical geometry [4].

[1] R.L. Dewar, Z. Yoshida, A. Bhattacharjee and S. R. Hudson, J. Plasma Phys. 81, 515810604 (2015)
[2] S.R. Hudson, R. L. Dewar, G. Dennis, M.J. Hole, M. McGann, G. von Nessi and S. Lazerson, Phys. Plasmas 19, 112502 (2012)
[3] J.P. Goedbloed and R.Y. Dagazian, Phys. Rev. A 4, 1554 (1971)
[4] R. Mills and M.~J. Hole and R.~L. Dewar, J Plasma Phys. 75, 637 (2009)