April 4-6

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Author: Myoung-Jae Lee
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-21 02:38:13

Co-authors: Young-Dae Jung

Contact Info:
Hanyang University
222 Wangsimni-ro
Seoul,   04763
South Korea

Abstract Text:
The nonthermal Dupree turbulence and plasma shielding effects on the electron-ion collision are investigated in a nonthermal Lorentzian turbulent plasma. The second-order eikonal analysis and the effective interaction potential including the Lorentzian far-field term are employed to obtain the eikonal scattering phase shift and the eikonal collision cross section as functions of the diffusion coefficient, impact parameter, collision energy, Debye length and spectral index of the Lorentzian plasma. It is shown that the nonthermal effect suppresses the eikonal scattering phase shift. However, it enhances the eikonal collision cross section in a nonthermal turbulent plasma. The effect of non-thermal turbulence on the eikonal atomic collision cross section is weakened with increasing collision energy. The variation of the atomic cross section due to the nonthermal Dupree turbulence is also discussed.