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Author: sam taimourzadeh
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-15 22:03:14

Co-authors: I. Holod, Z. Lin, R. Nazikian, A. Wingen

Contact Info:
University of California, Irvine, CA 92697 Princet
5349 newcastle ave apt 62
encino, ca   91316

Abstract Text:
It has been demonstrated that edge localized modes (ELM) can be fully suppressed in DIII-D H-mode plasmas with the application of resonant magnetic perturbations (RMP) accompanied by a corresponding reduction of pedestal gradients, and changes in rotation and radial electric field (Er) profiles [Nucl. Fusion 55, 023002 (2015)]. Importantly, the application of RMPs induces an increase in long wavelength, electrostatic turbulence on top of the pedestal, as observed with BES, DBS, and other fluctuation diagnostics. Using the Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code (GTC), DIII-D shots 158103, at times 3750 ms (ELMing with RMP) and 3050 ms (ELM suppressed with RMP), and shot 158104 at time 1350ms (ELMing without RMP) are investigated. A link between increased pedestal top turbulence, during the ELM suppressed phase, and a shift in the Er profile is demonstrated in the simulations.