April 4-6

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Author: Marco Onofri
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-15 13:59:45

Co-authors: S. Dettrick, S. Gupta, D. Barnes, T. Tajima

Contact Info:
tri alpha energy
19631 Pauling
foothill ranch, CALIFORNIA   92610
United States

Abstract Text:
The Q2D code is a 2D MHD code, which includes a neutral fluid and separate ion and electron temperatures. The equations contain source terms due to neutral beams, which are calculated using a 3D Monte Carlo code. Q2D has been benchmarked against the 1D transport code Q1D and is used to simulate the evolution of the C-2 and C-2U field reversed configuration experiments [1]. Q2D simulations start from an initial equilibrium and transport coefficients are chosen to match the experimental data. C-2U is an upgrade of C-2, with more beam power and angled beam injection, which demonstrates plasma sustainment for 5+ ms. The simulations use the same transport coefficients for C-2 and C-2U, showing the formation of a steady state in C-2U, sustained by fast ion pressure and current drive.

this is the third abstract of Tri Alpha Energy, after 1)F. Ceccherini, 2)S. Gupta