April 4-6

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approvedsherwood_2016_sean_miller.pdf2016-04-07 14:44:00Sean Miller


Author: Sean T Miller
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2016-02-09 12:23:08

Co-authors: U. Shumlak

Contact Info:
University of Washington
4131 Brooklyn Ave NE Apt 205
Seattle, Wa   98105
United States

Abstract Text:
Fluid-based plasma models have typically been applied to parameter regimes where a local thermal equilibrium is assumed. While this parameter regime is valid for low temperature applications, it begins to fail as plasmas enter the collisionless regime and kinetic effects dominate the physics. This research extends the validity of the collisional fluid regime using an anisotropic 13-moment fluid model derived from the Pearson type-IV probability distribution. The model explicitly evolves the pressure tensor and heat flux vector alongside the density and momentum to capture dynamics usually restricted to kinetic models. Each particle species is modeled individually and collectively coupled through electromagnetic and collision operators. Electromagnetic fields are evolved using Maxwell’s equations. The model is implemented within the the University of Washington’s WARPXM code for use on accelerated clusters using an unstructured discontinuous Galerkin method.